Reading list for First Time Managers

Going from doing things to getting things done is big change. There are a lot of unwritten and written rules on how to do well in your new position. this is small list that has helped me.

Start by reading First Time Manager , this book helped me understand that one of the most important things a new manager can do is - understanding the culture of the organization. The way you treat people, is the next important lesson. Finally comes figuring out how work is done.

You can get a lot of insight into managing smart people from this manifesto by Scott Berkun, who has worked as Program Manager at Microsoft. One of the striking points is that a manager is responsible for the careers of people reporting to him. Also that the best managers do not use their power often.

I also loved the management reading list by Joel on Software. Don't forget the popular Personal MBA (PMBA) reading list and its India yahoo group.

Finally do check out The Dip by Seth Godwin, cause you want to be the Best in the world.

Help from Nasscom for the First Time Manager, and a 5min video :)

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