Jobs Outsourced to India

This post is a link from IEEE USA on the top jobs from top companies that are being sent to India, China & other countries.

The intresting table is the salary comparision table. It list how much an american is paid for the same work that is done by an Indian (In dollars).

One more very interesting part is Purchasing Power Parity. This indicates the value of the things you can buy in india in Rupees versus buying the same thing in USA in dollars.

Table 1 - Major U.S. Exporters of Science and Engineering Jobs
Company - Numbers of Workers and Country - Types of Work
Accenture - 5,000 to the Philippines by 2004 -Accounting and software
GE - 20,000 to India and China in 2003 - Aircraft and Medical R&D
Intel - 3,000 to India by 2006 - Chip design, tech support
Microsoft - 500 to India and China in 2003 - Software design, IT support
Oracle - 4,000 in India - Software design and support
Phillips - 700 in China - Consumer electronics R&D

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The most important part is the prediction of the TYPES of JOBS that will move offshore by 2010!

Architecture - 83,000
Business Operations - 162,000
Computer Science - 277,000
Law - 35,000
Life Sciences - 14,000
Management - 118,000