Alumni day at PESCE

This is post on all the questions that students from pesce had during alumni meet.

It really good to see so many fresh faces anxious to get into IT industry. The enthusiasm of 4th and 6th sem students was contagious.

Here are the list of questions. If I have missed anything please post it in comments.

Q) How should I start preparing for Campus interviews?
A) Get your basics right - told by Harsha(2005 pass out).

I would suggest reading for Aptitude:
* Quantitative aptitude by R S Agarwal
* Shakuntala devi books on puzzles
* other books on aptitude
* you could also read CAT preparation material on GD, Interview skills.

Target your prepartion for each Company, as each Company looks for certain kind of skills. Go to the companys website, talk to your friends/seniors in that firm for more details.

Develop a regular reading schedule of good quality newspapers and magzines. This will give a view of what is happening in indian IT industry.

Regular readings could be:
* The Hindu
* Economic Times( http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/ )
* Magazines like - Developer 2.0, Developer IQ, digit, ExpressComputer ( http://www.expresscomputeronline.com/ )
* Business Magazines like: Business Today, Business week.

Online resources for Campus question papers

Yahoo groups
- "chetana" is supposted to be good, but the mails were not very usefull for me.
The files section of "chetana" can give you question papers per company.

There are other resources also, you might have to search google.com
Comming to google, I noticed that very few students in our college know how to use google for searching! This is an essential skill in IT ;-)

for Technical part -you should know your basics,
please look at pervious years papers.